Zimmerman re-enactment

His lawyers posted the video earlier today, however the 650mb download was apparently killing their server.

They now point you here to see it.

The rest of the material, including audio interviews with investigators, can be found here.

Possible deal alert

Even though Woot has a rule about not posting deals on actual firearms* (fortunately, we have places like SlickGuns for that), they don’t seem to have any issue with advertising or even selling gun accessories.

Today’s deal on sport.woot.com is a S&W Micro 90 for $37.99 + $5 shipping. I haven’t really done any research […]

Best $17 I’ve ever spent

I admit that I laughed a little

Teenager robs couple, shoots himself in the ass with gun he stole from them

This account suggests that he stole the woman’s purse, and that the gun was in said purse. As the man ran after him, the teen was probably rifling through the purse to grab whatever he could before ditching it.

Since […]

The yearly “What’s in your range bag?” post

The summer “shooting season” is upon us, so it’s time for a perennial topic: What’s in your range bag?

My range bag is actually just an old bag for a compact LCD Projector. No joke. It’s got a solid base and it’s just wide enough to hold 2 columns of ammo boxes. I haven’t gone […]

GCT Marketplace: Walther P22 Barrel for sale


I’ve mentioned before that I have a first-gen Walther P22 that I can’t seem to sell, mostly because of the value of the kit.

I’ve sold the fake suppressor already.

Today I’m offering up one of the barrels. I have both the 5″ target barrel and the 3.4″ standard barrel.


History repeating: Capital Bank declares they no longer want me as a customer

Remember when I closed my Regions Bank accounts after 14 years?

Well, the bank I switched to was bought earlier this year, and on June 1st they became a posted property. I just found out this morning when I went to cash a check. I’ve already emailed the branch manager, who I have a really […]


Those evil landlords might pass on property tax increases to tenants!


This is my shocked face

Law enforcement agency investigates itself, finds no wrongdoing in death of prisoner.

Why I’m returning my Sprint Evo 4G LTE

On the left: My two year old Nexus One on AT&T’s throttled unlimited plan. 3120kbps download speed.

On the right: My brand-spanking-new HTC EVO LTE 4G. 59kbps download speed.

That is ridiculous, infuriating, and completely unusable. These tests were done in my home at about 6:30pm last night. On my drive home I decided […]