Handling problems at unsupervised ranges

So, this past weekend, I was at a local unsupervised state run range with a few friends to have some fun and blow off some steam.  The range is set up with a 50 yard berm on the left, 100 in the center, and then a 25 on the right.  We had set up on the left so we could use the 50 for the short range stuff, and one of the 100 yard targets for the bigger rifles.

I was watching one of the guys try my Henry GoldenBoy when I spotted someone walk down range to set up targets on the 25 yard berm!  I immediately tap my buddy on the shoulder and let him know what was up and to cease fire.  I ask my other buddies if they had hear the call to go cold, and they say they had not.  I ask the group next to me, and they had not.


I walk over to the guy as he’s walking back to have a little “chat.”  I kept it good natured and explained to him why he should check before wandering down range.  Turned out he figured it wasn’t an issue since we were shooting a good deal to his left and we would have had to really screw up to shoot him.  I agreed, but told him that I’m a bit paranoid about such things.  He understood, and actually came up to us as he was packing up and thank us for not jumping all over him.

Just a reminder that good folks can do stupid stuff.  Remember that people tend to be there to enjoy themselves.  Safety is important, but so is having a good time.  Of course, had he started shooting while I was down range, I may not have been so friendly with him.

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