AT&T 4G LTE Speeds in Nashville

Alternate title: Why I’m keeping my Samsung Galaxy S III

I did mention I bought one, right? It came in yeterday. Should be available in stores June 28th.

My first test was 19mbps! NINETEEN! I’ve had recent cable speeds slower than that! It averaged out to about 14 after several tests, but it beats the pants of Sprint’s service at a measly ~200k. I love living in the future.

LEft: Galaxy S III on AT&T. Right: HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint

Like I said in my post about returning the EVO, some people might say it’s not fair to compare AT&T’s 4G network to Sprint’s 3G, but again these are real-world results. I don’t actually care what Sprint’s network is capable of if I can’t actually get that level of service.

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