What size tires does the Dark Knight Batmobile have?

Freaking HUGE ONES!

(okay, the answer is 18.5/44×16.5 Interco Super Swamper IROKs)

Yesterday I took my lunch break to go see the newest Batmobile, called “The Dark Knight Tumbler” and that piddly little bike thingy called the BatPod. It’s neat. Unfortunately, they didn’t let me test drive it.

Protip: Don’t stand 6 feet away from it when they start it up. Loud does not even begin to describe it.

Pictures below the fold:

3 comments to What size tires does the Dark Knight Batmobile have?

  • In a WalMart parking lot, no less. Nashville gets all the cool toys :P.

  • jimmie

    You suck. Why didnt you tell us the batmobile was coming? I would have drove the 6 hours to come see it. But thanks for taking the pics. Cant seem to convince the wife that i need one of those. All she says is that the gas mileage must suck.

  • Evster

    Minor detail, the tires are actually the Interco Super Swamper TSL’s, not the IROKS. They look similar to each other but are different models. The tires are 44″ tall, 18.5″ wide, mounted on a 16.5″ wheel. Great pics you took!

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