These bananas are loaded!

Am I the only one that saw this,

and immediately thought of this?


Quick question…

I’m looking at maybe buying a used Garand this weekend (local ad, too good to pass up). Anybody have any good pointers on what to look for? I know the stock is a little battered, so I’m not looking for a collector’s piece, and I do like to shoot my guns.

Interesting find in my grandfather’s dresser

This last weekend, my grandparents moved from the home they lived in for 50 years to an assisted living facility near my mother’s house. As a part of that, I got a couple of pieces of furniture that they bought when their house was new. A couple of days later I went to go put […]


When trying to do a multi-line insert in Notepad++, remember: The keyboard shortcut is ALT-SHIFT-DOWN.

Doing CRTL-ALT-DOWN is completely different.

The damn things keep following me home!

So, this past Friday, I was kind of depressed. I think it’s because my birthday was Saturday, and I didn’t have much planned because just about all my friends had already made plans to be out of town or with their families or moving family members from out of town. Seems to happen every year. […]

Handling problems at unsupervised ranges

So, this past weekend, I was at a local unsupervised state run range with a few friends to have some fun and blow off some steam. The range is set up with a 50 yard berm on the left, 100 in the center, and then a 25 on the right. We had set up on […]

AT&T 4G LTE Speeds in Nashville

Alternate title: Why I’m keeping my Samsung Galaxy S III

I did mention I bought one, right? It came in yeterday. Should be available in stores June 28th.

My first test was 19mbps! NINETEEN! I’ve had recent cable speeds slower than that! It averaged out to about 14 after several tests, but it beats […]

Bill Whittle on Fast and Furious

What size tires does the Dark Knight Batmobile have?

Freaking HUGE ONES!

(okay, the answer is 18.5/44×16.5 Interco Super Swamper IROKs)

Yesterday I took my lunch break to go see the newest Batmobile, called “The Dark Knight Tumbler” and that piddly little bike thingy called the BatPod. It’s neat. Unfortunately, they didn’t let me test drive it.

Protip: Don’t stand 6 feet away from […]

Why YOU should call the cops if you ever display your weapon

I came across this story this morning, and I’ve got some thoughts about what happened. The reporting is pretty slim, so I could be completely wrong, but here goes.

“Victim” and “suspect” are being mutual assholes on the highway. “Victim” decides to teach “suspect” a lesson, and gets out of the car to, er, administer […]