Just another isolated incident

How many “isolated incidents” do you need before you get to the “widespread institutional behavior” level? How many until you get to “standard operating procedure”?

Officer charged after video shows beating

There is a six minute local news report attached to that article. Your standard local newscast is 22 minutes of programming.

The long and […]

Repeat after me…

“I can’t access the system” is NOT the same as “I can access the system, but it takes longer than I’d like.”

Huge difference there. HUGE.

Looks like the Galaxy Nexus is getting cheap!

$149 for the Sprint Version.

Holy Crap $49 for the Verizon version.

I’m holding out for the next Evo, which went on pre-order today. I wanted the Nexus, but the delay from the time it was announced to the time the Sprint version was actually available allowed HTC to convince me to buy one […]

A matter of scale

After reading this post over at New Jovian Thunderbolt about giving the reader an idea of scale when taking pictures for reviews, I realized that I never mentioned what my guns are sitting on when I snap pictures of them.

It’s a Chessex Megamat that I use for RPG sessions. The squares are 1″. I […]

Review: Magtech 130gr Solid Copper Hollowpoints

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from the fine folks at LuckyGunner.com asking me to review some ammo for them. Since one of my goals in life is to shoot as much free ammo as possible, I accepted. 😀

They sent me two boxes of 130gr Solid Copper Hollowpoints from Magtech.


One of us! One of us!

Interesting read on FBI “Patriot Conspiracy” operations in the 1990’s

This was published last month, but I only recently discovered it via Bruce Schneier.

The operation’s intent, secondary to the threats on paper at least, was to broadly collect intelligence on the Patriot movement’s members and activities, according to records of the investigation and former FBI agents who worked on the case.

Three Patriot groups […]