Does it seem like NFA transfers are taking longer than they used to?

It’s not just you.

It’s definitely taking longer now than it did a year ago. The author thinks that about a year ago a new process was put in place, and that process is creating a backlog. It’s not just that more people are buying NFA items.

This may, or may not, be intentional. At this early point in his analysis, it appears that for every 2.5 days you wait, that adds 1 day to the processing time.

So if you submit your paperwork on June 30th as opposed to June 1st, you won’t get it 30 days later than someone who submitted on the 1st: it’s more like 42.

And the trend is getting worse. In February, the increase was one day every three days. Even if the trend is steady now, that still means that paperwork submitted a year from now will take 146 days longer than something submitted today.

I do agree that at some people, perhaps a significant portion, will not put up with 18-month or two-year wait times. Supply, demand, some assembly required.

I’m still waiting on my stamp, but I expect it in the next week or so. I went pending in mid-November.

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  • emdfl

    This is happening because the batfageagency reduced the number of agents pushing the paper from 12 to something like 4(IIRC). Got to save the money to pay the criminals to buy guns to send to mehico don’t cha know.

  • McThag

    The number of people there decreased because there’s a hiring freeze in place. Natural attrition.

    I’ve been reading that it’s not just the examiners who are frozen but a large hunk of that side of ATF’s house.

  • 2.5 months into the NFA process. A NFA request last year took exactly 6 months.

    You’d think they could devote more manpower to NFA now that extra curricular activities south of the border have been reduced….

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