Yes… sometimes it *is* a reason to be suspicious

Driving through the old money part of town (incidentally, the same street that Al Gore bought a house on a couple years ago) with my mom the other day, we passed a black youth wearing a zipped up hoodie with the hood up.  Oh, I failed to mention that it was 90 degrees outside and partly cloudy, and this is one of those neighborhoods that’s known for handing out tickets for driving while black.

I mentioned the oddity to my mom.  She agreed and then added “well, as long as we don’t shoot him, we should be fine.”

note: I swear a real post from me will be coming.

1 comment to Yes… sometimes it *is* a reason to be suspicious

  • Steve in TN (@sdo1)

    That neighborhood is non-discriminatory and will stop anyone at anytime for anything or nothing… Their police are (at least in my experience) polite, though.

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