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Sorry for the lack of posting. I was out of town on business this week, working 18 hour days in sunny Florida. Don’t be jealous: I could’ve been in North Dakota and would have barely noticed.

Sometime in the last 18 months or so, the pornoscanners in Nashville went from “randomly selected passengers” to “anyone not holding an infant.” Thus ends any non-essential travel for me and my family. Sorry, Boomershoot… I wish we could have met.

“Nightclub” is apparently Floridian for “Strip Joint.”

Living in Nashville spoils you for bar music–or any live music really. There are many people getting paid to sing in bars who have no business near a microphone.

Celebrity impersonators are hilarious.

The Panama City Beach Airport is approximately the size of your average high school. There were probably 15 idiots who couldn’t get jobs in a respectable profession TSA folks manning the single security line. Even with that amount of manpower, it still took 20 minutes to start the patdown on the guy who opted out. A few minutes later, the septuagenarian who forgot to take a gum wrapper out of his pocket was swarmed, swabbed for explosives, patted down, and searched thoroughly.

I think next year I’m going to try to get the company to charter a plane instead. It’s surprisingly affordable when you have 8-10 folks going.

2 comments to Travel notes

  • You can still make it to Boomershoot. Drive, there’s actually a good pile who do that. One of the staff actually drives from Virginia and back every year. Come to think of it, a good majority actually drive. Flying with the ammo, guns, and other equipment is just too difficult.

    As for chartering a plane, that’s why my company has a growing private fleet. It’s cheaper and faster with less wasted time for employees. Between the plane tickets, time spent waiting and wading through security, and the flexibility provided by private aircraft (IE scramble out to a customer at 0130 in the morning) they’re more than worth it.

  • I looked in to driving last year, and it was going to be 3 days in the car, 3 days at boomer, and then 3 days in the car again. That is…unappealing.

    Of course, now we have the tactical mommywagon, so I might revisit that proposition next year.

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