Car Safes

Every now and then, I have to disarm. I try to avoid it, but sometimes you have to go to “gun-free” zones to get stuff done.

Like getting new license plates. Or meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant I’ve never been to and seeing the please rob my restaurant gunbuster sign.

Because, you know, it’s safer to leave it in a box with tempered glass sides than on my person.

Anyway, several years ago I bought a car safe thingy similar to this one from GunVault for those situations where, despite my efforts at avoidance, I have to leave the gun in the car.

For a while, I would transfer it from my jeep to my wife’s car when we would go on trips and stuff. Then, I just started leaving it in her car full time. So I bought another one, only this time it had a combination lock instead of a key lock.

In any event, they’re pretty cheap. They secure to the car via aircraft cable–I loop the cable around the front passenger seat bracket. I just found out that they’re also TSA approved for transporting firearms in checked baggage. That’s definitely an added bonus.

I highly recommend them.

2 comments to Car Safes

  • Good advice. I just suggested one of those (the first one) to a coworker. She also has to deal with the added complication of having a roommate with a previous (non-violent) felony conviction, so she has to make sure there’s no way for him to get at the gun she’ll be buying. I mentioned that this would be good for home use in her situation (renting) as well as in the car.

  • Ted N

    I’ve got one of the keyed car-gunvaults, I like it.

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