I don’t think I got the message they were sending

I had to watch this as part of “diversity training.” See if you came away with the same thing that I did:

I think the message is supposed to be “you should be more understanding of different cultures.” My takeaway was what the hell kind of mother puts herself in that situation? I mean […]

Permission Slip

It took 299 days since the day I ordered it, and 190 days since I went pending, but I just got the call from my dealer that my paperwork has come back.

I (well, my trust) now own a .22 suppressor. Picking it up tomorrow today. (ETA: Couldn’t wait. My Precious!)

Sending off a new […]

Somehow this doesn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

But I’m sure it’ll only be used on crazy right-wing tea party iraq war vets terrorists.

Does it seem like NFA transfers are taking longer than they used to?

It’s not just you.

It’s definitely taking longer now than it did a year ago. The author thinks that about a year ago a new process was put in place, and that process is creating a backlog. It’s not just that more people are buying NFA items.

This may, or may not, be intentional. At […]

Help me get the word out about state-level organizations

As non-RSS readers may have noticed, I now have a link on the sidebar to join the NRA*. While I have had some criticism for their marketing plan in the past, I still think it’s a valuable organization–especially at the federal level.

As a long-time member of the Tennessee Firearms Association, I have seen […]

Yes… sometimes it *is* a reason to be suspicious

Driving through the old money part of town (incidentally, the same street that Al Gore bought a house on a couple years ago) with my mom the other day, we passed a black youth wearing a zipped up hoodie with the hood up. Oh, I failed to mention that it was 90 degrees outside and […]

Travel notes

Sorry for the lack of posting. I was out of town on business this week, working 18 hour days in sunny Florida. Don’t be jealous: I could’ve been in North Dakota and would have barely noticed.

Sometime in the last 18 months or so, the pornoscanners in Nashville went from “randomly selected passengers” to “anyone […]


A 3D printer for $399?


It doesn’t include “electronics,” which will add another $150-$300 depending on your sourcing.

I am kinda sad that my attempt at building a CNC router stalled out in January. It sits there on my workbench taunting me, with it’s x and y axes completed but no drivetrain […]

Car Safes

Every now and then, I have to disarm. I try to avoid it, but sometimes you have to go to “gun-free” zones to get stuff done.

Like getting new license plates. Or meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant I’ve never been to and seeing the please rob my restaurant gunbuster sign.

Because, you […]

Not no,

But hell no.

The mask slipped. House Democrats actually complain that there are too many rapists and muggers getting killed.