Poor victim selection

Somebody broke into the wrong apartment in the Antioch area of Nashville last night. Broke in to find the occupants there, struggle ensued, shots fired, and that’s all she wrote for that particular goblin.

Oddly enough, a couple hours earlier, in a different part of town, I was talking to my Tai Chi instructor, and […]

Review: 5.11 Covert Khaki vs Covert Khaki 2.0

A few years ago I bought a couple pair of 5.11 Tactical’s Covert Khakis. I really liked them, to the point where I wore each pair twice a week for almost two years. Just recently I lost a button on one of them, about 5 years after I bought them. Mrs wizardpc kindly repaired that […]

Two more looking to join the club

Looks like Erin has managed to get through the carry class along with her mom. Of course, by get through the class, I mean they came home with the same number of holes they left with and managed not to fall asleep at any point.

Along with that, apparently her mom picked up a nice […]

The email. It is broken

I screwed up something with the DNS transfer, so oddball and I aren’t getting any mail. We can send, but cant receive.

I’ll fix it as soon as I can, but we get a low volume of mail. 😀

EDIT: We can get email now, but for some reason comment notifications aren’t coming through. Not […]

BAG purchase report

So… I finally bought that .22 pistol that I’ve been talking about needing to do for a while on the way back from the scifi con yesterday. After considerable research and lots of thought between the Beretta NEOS and Ruger MkIII, I went with neither.

Instead, I picked up this:

A Browning Buck Mark […]

Overheard in the car

Driving down the Interstate, we are passed by a Subaru WRX STI.

Me: Man, I’d love to have one of those some day. Mrs wizardpc: But that’s a hippie car. Me: What? It’s a turbocharged off-road rally racer that gets like 18mpg! How is that a hippie car? Mrs wizardpc: Because it’s made at a […]

I live… sort of

Well, I ended up not sleeping as much as I meant to at the scifi con. For some reason, my body decided that I needed to get up at 8:30am both Saturday and Sunday, not caring that I was out partying until 3am Friday night and 5am Saturday.

Oh, and while I failed to catch […]

To-done list

Up at 0430. On purpose.

Ran a 5k. Mostly.

Went to the gun show. Surprisingly few guns. The only thing I came home with was for the dog.

Moved blog from a self hosted solution to a hosting provider. I was already paying for the space and didn’t want to have downtime […]

Switching servers

Things might look weird for a little bit.

To all those heading to the NRA convention…

…have fun. Wish I could have made it this year, since it’s only a few hours down the road. Instead, I will be having fun, to quote my coworker, “drinking heavily and chasing purple women while wearing a kilt.”

Just… uh… don’t tell Naienko.