New Smartphones

So… I’ve been using a Samsung Captivate for a couple years now.  It’s the only Android phone that I’ve used to this point (my previous 2 phones were Windows Mobile), and I’ve been pretty happy with it.  Especially once I dropped CyonogenMod 7 on it so I could actually use a bluetooth headset properly with it.  I’m currently running CryogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Like I said, I’ve had this phone for a couple years, so it looks like it’s time for an upgrade.  So far, the two that I’m looking at are the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy III (which may be out early May).  The specs of these phone blow my mind.  Both have the Tegra3 quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, at least 16GB of storage space, and apparently a separate GPU.  Pretty sure my netbook that I still use has lesser specs.

Oh, and when I bought the Captive 2 years ago, I thought it was freaking huge.  Most smart phones on the market today are even bigger.  A few by a good bit.

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