Bleg: Weapon Lights

My home defense AR doesn’t have a light on it. This seems like a deficiency.

I have a Magpul AFG2 (in black, which apparently is no longer sold on Amazon) so I’d like something that I can mount on the right side that has a remote pressure switch.

I’m open to non name-brand stuff as long as it’s 1) not going to disintegrate after a few range sessions and 2) throws a good amount of quality light. Based on my experiences with the Fenix lights I’ve bought I think I can get this done for less than $100

I’d even be open to “Hey get this mount, this flashlight, and you can buy a remote pressure switch for it over here.”

So, who’s got an inexpensive light setup they really enjoy?

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  • Brass

    I’ve got this one on my AR. Plenty of light and with 1000 rds down range,nothing has shaken loose.

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  • I keep a birthday candle and a Bic lighter taped to the side. That way I don’t have to worry about the batteries dying on me.

    (actually, I have no answer but am curious to know if anyone else does. I too have an AFG)

  • I keep an OLight M20 Warrior with a remote pressure switch on my bedside Saiga 12. It’s held up to hundreds of rounds of slugs without issue.

    Like this:

    On my FAL I keep a UTG Tactical light like this:

    Again, lots of rounds, no failures.

    The OLight is a bit more flexible as it’s a standard light while the UTG light body has and integrated rail mount.

    As I keep a few OLights around the house I have spares if the primary ever breaks.

  • Derek Yenimod

    Also have an AFG. I originally bought a light because I had my rifle lying around the house (no kids) and thought I might as well leave a magazine accessible and throw a light on it, just in case, even though I normally just have my carry gun with me in the house and at night. I bought the 150 lumen, single CR123 UTG light because it can be attached or separate and remote or twist switches to play with. I carry a 4sevens Quark AA2 which is far superior but I’m happy with what I have because I don’t need a multimode waterproof gun light. Also, 150 lumens is bright enough for clear identification and blinding your target without blinding yourself indoors. It wasn’t too expensive for a “just in case” and can be used independently so it suits my needs quite well.

    After using it a while, I took the remote switch off and switched it to the left side because of too many light NDs and now I leave the tailcap tightened just less than necessary to turn it on, which now means moderate pressure from my thumb will keep it on but requires deliberate movement and constant pressure to prevent it coming on or staying on too long.

    Between my carry light, the Crimson Trace Lightguard I hope to add soon, and this light I think I’m covered.

  • Matt

    Try I’ve heard great things about them.

  • If you have a light with a tail cap switch I would suggest the Command Arms FGA Flash Light Grip Adaptor (MSRP is about $75.00 but I’m sure you can get them for less). Your light will insert into the adaptor and it has it’s own push button on the rear of the grip to activate the light. It accepts most 1″ diameter lights. I use an Insight HX200R in mine but any Surefire, Insight, Streamlight, or similarly constructed light will work. This would reduce the need for a pressure switch which reduces cost, potential to snag, and the bottom line is some of those pressure switches are fickle. IMHO the pressure switch has many more cons than pros. All you need is a 6 O’Clock rail on your forend.

    Plus, the FGA doubles as a forward V grip. I like the set up and it works for me. You know I have one and if you’re interested in trying it out let me know. I can bring it and/or my EBR and let you try it out on my EBR or yours.

    Good luck in your search,


  • Ben C

    Should show what Steve is running for his light and mount. If you have a forward rail on the top of your gun, it is an option. Steve has huge hands though, normal sized people may need to bring the tape switch farther around the handguard toward the support hand.

    Also, you can run a TLR1 (I would recommend without strobe if possible) with a remote cap & tape switch in similar mounting locations a LOT cheaper than that Surefire setup though.

  • For the money and durability, the surefire G2X Tactical is worth dropping into the light mount of your choice.

    I hate cheap lights as weapon lights, they tend to die from being jolted around.

    As for a tape switch, I’ve bought older surefire branded ones off ebay for cheapish.

    Any 1 inch scope ring will work to mount it. Just make sure it’s good and tight, maybe use the low temp loctite on it. The big advantage throw lever light mounts offer is they don’t generally shoot loose like screws can.

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