Because I llike to share…

Erin has something that is probably not safe for your sanity.

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  • I’m going to comment on a bunch of things since you close comments after a while.


    2) In this post you mention that “All medical equipment has an expiration date” but this has never made sense to me. Sure, medicines can lose potency, but how exactly can a bandage go bad?

    3) Regarding my mom’s new gun, the only problem she has with it (and this is the subject of a future post) is that neither of us was used to the two-stage trigger. We just pulled, and couldn’t see where the bullets were going. It was only after we called the rangemaster over that we learned we needed to squeeze to rotate the cylinder and stage the gun before shooting. Once being taught this, I pretty quickly got on target; mom needs more practice dry-firing.

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