I have more problems with .22 pistols…

So, I went to the range with my TKD instructor and her partner yesterday so that she could get some recoil therapy. Among other things, I took that Browning Buck Mark I bought last week. They brought a Mossberg 500 that the instructor bought for home defense, a couple Glocks, a couple S&W airlight .38 […]

Zimmerman’s lawyers set up a blog


Go. Subscribe.

They also have a twitter feed and a Facebook page.

5.11 Kilts!

I realize that I’m a bit late to the party and you’ve probably read from just about everyone else, but 5.11 is taking orders for their Tactical Kilts. They have even decided to make ’em for us fat asses that dare to have waists beyond 40″. I’ve already ordered mine, and Naienko instructed asked me […]

Despite some lingering issues…

It looks like the server move was a good idea. At some point this morning my home server lost connectivity. Actually, I can’t talk to either of my home servers, which indicates any combination of:

Power failure Network failure related to Comcast DHCP change (also related to Comcast Internal network failure, such as my cable […]

Like you and me, only better

Transportation Licensing Commission Edition.

Basically, some folks that work as “inspectors” for a non-police city agency took it upon themselves to start carrying badges.

And guns.

And install blue lights on their vehicles.

Metro cops are NOT happy. I notice, however, that instead of arresting them, they merely confiscated the badges.

It’s […]

New Smartphones

So… I’ve been using a Samsung Captivate for a couple years now. It’s the only Android phone that I’ve used to this point (my previous 2 phones were Windows Mobile), and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Especially once I dropped CyonogenMod 7 on it so I could actually use a bluetooth headset properly with […]

Tactical Dog Approves

Bleg: Weapon Lights

My home defense AR doesn’t have a light on it. This seems like a deficiency.

I have a Magpul AFG2 (in black, which apparently is no longer sold on Amazon) so I’d like something that I can mount on the right side that has a remote pressure switch.

I’m open to non name-brand stuff as […]

BAG Day Purchase

It took a couple of days, but here is the Barrett M82 I bought:

As FarmDad quipped, “the weight is right.”

Because I llike to share…

Erin has something that is probably not safe for your sanity.