EDC fixed blades

A little while ago, I was chatting on IRC with a few folks about knives. A couple of them told me that they prefer carrying fixed blades. I’ve been puzzling over that for a while. I still don’t get it.

I’ve generally had the impression that most folks in “polite society” disapprove of folks having […]

Is it just me?

Or did brass cased 5.56 prices skyrocket in the last month? I swear 1000rds of SS109 was $300 shipped. Now it’s more like $380.

Hard to budget when that happens.

Clearly, the answer is more government regulation

The geniuses that run my city banned parking on the street several years ago*. People adapted in completely predictable ways and started parking in their yards.

Obviously, that means we need to ban people from parking in their own yards.

I’m sure that in a few years they’ll limit the size of driveways, and […]

Overheard in the car last night

Naienko (the g/f): I was having issues typing today. The “t” key was acting up.

me: I would say it’s shifty, but that’s a different key entirely.

Nai: It’s a good thing you’re driving right now.

me: Of course, you have to be careful with the capitol T, it’s shift+t.

Nai: I’m going to stab […]

I am sick of hearing this

On March 6th, opponents of TN SB2992 (and SB3002) were given an hour before the Senate Commerce Committee to explain why they should not be prohibited from discriminating against gun owners when making hiring and firing decisions. You can view the testimony here.

And yes, I do mean discriminate. The bill prohibits employers from firing […]


This is more for me to keep track of when it happened so I can tell myself “it’s only been x days…” when running to the mailbox than anything else.

I got my fingerprints made yesterday and submitted, so, in theory, I should have my carry permit sometime in the next 90 days.


I miss it.

That is all.

…aaaaand he’s here.

lilwizard was born yesterday. He and mrs. wizardpc are doing great. Blogging may be light for a few years 😀

And because I have been told my taste in music is really awful, here is the song that’s been playing in my head since about the time we found out. You have been […]

An experiment in applied Chemistry

So a week ago, I ordered a MrBeer, and it greeted me at my front door when I came home today.

So, I’ve gone through the motions, thrown the concoction into the closet, and I’ll see how it tuns out in 2 weeks.