Mississippi State Student shot and killed in his a dorm.

MSU is my Alma Mater. It is both illegal and against policy to have firearms on campus (though when I was there, the campus police would happily store your guns for you. Lots of students would go hunting before 8AM classes.)

Just as I remembered, the article states that to get to where Sanderson was shot, you had to pass through three access-controlled doors and walk past security.

The three shooters got in and out with no problems and are still on the loose.

It’s almost as if campus security is just window dressing.

I don’t fault the campus police, here, nor the Starkville cops. The Highway Patrol has a station less than a mile from here, too. You literally couldn’t have a larger police presence given the resources at hand. Response time was less than one minute.

But none of that mattered.

In the end, you are responsible for your own safety, unless someone legislates that ability away from you.

UPDATE: Two suspects have been arrested by US Marshalls. Drug related, and the victim in this case did 7 months in prison in 2010 for a couple of felonies. Shoulda followed Tam’s advice.

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  • aeronathan

    Hate that something like this happened at our university but I get the distinct impression the victim was mixed up in something he should not have been….

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