My new favorite pants

Tactical pants. Who doesn’t love them?

True story: When I was checking in to the hotel at the LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot last year, I picked out Fill Yer Hands within about three seconds as being “one of us.” Sean walked in a couple minutes later, and he got pegged, too. It was easy: Both were wearing 5.11 tactical pants of one flavor or another.

Now, I love me some 5.11 Tactical. I have two pair of their Covert Khakis and two of their Casual Belts. I think, though, that “tactical pants” that look like something operators who operate in operations would wear are becoming the new “Shoot Me First Vests.” Bob Owens had some really good thoughts on this last year, and I suggest you go read that post.

Anyway, my point is I really like pants with lots of pockets that look more like traditional pants than military gear. Pockets-in-pockets, hidden pockets, waterprrof, oil resistant….stuff like that is really cool. I’d like to be able to wear them at the office, which is why most gunnie pants won’t work for me but the Covert Khakis did.

Back in January I was out at Bass Pro Shops looking for some cold weather clothing to make my walks with Casey a little more comfortable and I came across some Columbia Men’s ROC Pants. I love these pants. Very durable, but nice looking. The right side has a front zippered pocket a la the Covert Khakis and my PF9 fits right in there. Good for deep concealment.

Two weeks later, I went back and bought three more pair. This from a guy who usually buys clothes every other year.

I will tell you that from a dress code standpoint, these are probably more suited to the khakis-and-a-polo setting than khakis-and-a-button-up setting. In January, I was working in the former. Three weeks later, I got a job that is the latter. 🙁

I only wear them on the weekends now, but they are pretty much the only pants I wear when not at work. They’re awesome.

I think even the pantsless one might like these.

4 comments to My new favorite pants

  • It is true that they were black cargo pocket pants, but they were not 5.11’s. They were Wrangler cargo pocket pants, $20 each from WalMart. I’m too cheap to buy 5.11’s!

    I spend my day doing inspections for an insurance company and I need the extra pockets for flashlights and suchlike stuff. I have about 8 pairs. When they wear out, or I inevitably tear them, I don’t cry for the $20.

  • AndyB

    I have a pair of ROCs and really like them, the open top pocket on the right leg is perfect for dropping in my iPhone and with its case it stays in there no problem.

  • Sorry, late to the party. Kind’ve like dinner at the Blogger Shoot. . .

    I’m with Sean, I’m too cheap for 5.11’s. Mine were $13 at In any case, I wasn’t aware it was that obvious. Nobody at work says anything, but they know me.

  • […] I was writing the post on the Columbia ROC pants I discovered that 5.11 had come out with a Covert Khaki 2.0. I was thrilled! I ordered a pair a […]

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