I’m a big fan of bacon, but…

a bacon casket? Complete with bacon air freshener?

One more thing on Zimmerman

Something that’s struck me in the last few days is how, despite all the media attention, no one who actually knows George Zimmerman has come forward and said “oh, yeah, that guy is totally a racist jerk!” Not his neighbors (the ones who bothered to meet him), not his coworkers, not even an ex girlfriend. […]

What’s happening to Zimmerman can happen to any of us

How many times have self-defense advocates joked about the “he was good boy that wasn’t doing anything!” stories the families of recently-deceased criminals always seem to tell? Or that they were “trying to turn their life around” when they were shot while trying to rob/rape/assault someone? Hell, we call them choirboys on a regular basis.


Bersa Thunder 9 Pro – Initial Impressions

Went to a gun show this weekend and an IBM make M1 carbine tried real hard to follow me home (stupid broken A/C on my car stopped it). Instead, a full-sized Bersa Thunder 9 Pro decided to jump at me and not leave me alone until I did the paperwork.

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; […]


Mississippi State Student shot and killed in his a dorm.

MSU is my Alma Mater. It is both illegal and against policy to have firearms on campus (though when I was there, the campus police would happily store your guns for you. Lots of students would go hunting before 8AM classes.)

Just as I remembered, […]

Monday morning quarterbacking

Saturday afternoon, Casey and I were out running errands. I got on to the main road–a four lane divided by a wide grass median–and saw something odd at the next light. I was about 200 yards away, but it looked like some teenagers were playing Chinese Fire Drill.

When I got within about 50 […]

EDC Flashlights: Fenix PD20 vs Sipik

Regular readers know that after the first of the year I decided to start carrying a flashlight every day. I asked for suggestions and got quite a few good ones. I ultimately decided on the Fenix PD20 and wrote a review of that light.

SayUncle linked to that review, and the first comment to that […]


Tennessee Attorney General says that the parking lot bill is unconstitutional. Happened in a committee meeting a little bit ago. More later.

ETA: I misheard

.22 selection

So… I currently have a hole in my collection. Namely, I don’t presently own a .22 semi-auto pistol. I have plenty of .22 rifles and a neat little Heritage arms .22 SA revolver, but I’ve been without a pistol since I traded the Walther P22 back to WizardPC for his WASR. I could buy that […]

My new favorite pants

Tactical pants. Who doesn’t love them?

True story: When I was checking in to the hotel at the LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot last year, I picked out Fill Yer Hands within about three seconds as being “one of us.” Sean walked in a couple minutes later, and he got pegged, too. It was easy: Both were […]