Double Cupped

Because the boycott is going so well that my local Starbucks had no parking spotss and the drive through was wrapped around the building. Barista said she’d never seen it that busy before.

Traumatic Injuries Course Review

As I mentioned earlier, WizardPC and I decided to check out a 4 hour traumatic injury course hosted by the local chapter of the Zombie Squad. Turns out that it was done by Paul Gomez of Gomez Training International. Man talks fast and manages to shove a lot of information in a small amount of […]

Owner of Sabre Sets Himself Up For Insanity Plea

That’s the only logical explanation I have for his behavior described in the Tennessean today. Now that his 4 buddies have turned state’s evidence on him, Guy Savage is now trying to claim that the US legal system has no authority over him. Not only that, but he’s trying to get the DOJ to pay […]

TFA not happy about what’s going on with the parking lot bill

I’m still covered up in work/home stuff so I haven’t been able to look in to it much, but here is what is going on with the parking lot bill here in TN:


EMPLOYEE SAFE COMMUTE BILL (SB3002/HB3560) under attack by House Republican Leadership

The employee safe commute bill by Sen. Faulk and […]

Moar dakka!

Courtesy of Weer’d Beard, I present moar dakka:


I’ve been told that if you’re into shooting guns, sooner or later, you will have an accidental discharge. Hopefully, this will cause no damage beyond your pride, but there is a chance that you or your buddy might have an extra hole that’s letting all that red stuff come out. There’s also the bit where […]

You read it here first

I predict that there will be another spike in gun sales and ammo come November. Oh, and price hikes. Can’t forget the price hikes.

Range Trips as a Form of Meditation

Jim Downey over a has a good post on “recoil therapy.” He’s obviously more of a handgun guy, and I’m more of a rifle guy when I need some zen time, but to each their own. I have used pistols for recoil therapy sessions, but that’s largely because the rifle lanes of the closest […]

I… just… wow…

So, apparently Murfreesboro cops can’t tell the difference between an older black man and a younger asian guy. Apparently the fine, upstanding asian 28 year old ran a stop sign in a stolen vehicle, nearly rammed a squad car and hid in the neighborhood. In the meantime, a 58 year old black man by the […]

Answering the important questions

Yes, it is possible to train for a 5k while wearing a Glock 23 with an M6 light/laser inside the waistband in a Raven Concealment Phantom riding on The Best Belt.

As a matter of fact, I might go as far as to say it was comfortable.