EDC Flashlight review: Fenix PD20

A few weeks ago I had a bleg about everyday carry flashlights. I got some really good suggestions, and I highly recommend heading over to that post and reading the comments. The two top I considered ended up being the Fenix PD20 and the 4Sevens Quark MiniX 123. I ultimately went with the PD20 after a friend let me play with his 4Sevens pen light. I didn’t like that the tailcap switch seemed like a capacitive button. I didn’t really feel like I would be able to operate it properly in a high-stress situation.

Remember, one of the reasons I wanted the light was to be able to use it in conjunction with my pocket-carry PF9.

Full review and a ton of pics below

I am very happy with this light. It’s brighter than my M6. It’s tiny compared to the E21 I got for Christmas. I carry it all the time, and it’s literally one of those things that after a week or two you wonder how you lived 30 years without keeping a flashlight on you all the time. I used it last night to pick up some trash that the wind blew around. I’m training for a 5K and I’ve used it as a beacon to warn cars while running after dark. I’m pretty sure I broke up a drug deal with it using this method 😀

There are two cons, though. One, the tailcap pushbutton isn’t like the E21. On the E21 (and every other “tactical” flashlight I’ve handled), the sequence goes something like push->light->click->release. The PD20 is push->click->release->light. So to get the light to come on, you have to click and release the button. Not a dealbreaker, but I’d rather have the kind where the light comes on when you push the button, and it stays on if it clicks.

The second thing is that the pocket clip ripped a brand new pair of khakis in less than 9 hours. That may be attributed to the quality of the pants, but something to be aware of.

And now, some pics of the E21 and the PD20:

And the E21

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