Two Out of Three

I recently got an email from the developer of a new iPhone app asking if I would review it. I can’t really do that with an Android phone, so he offered to send me a press release instead.

Nice guy, one-man shop, and hits two of the three topics I cover? DEAL!

Introducing A New Gun App For iOS Devices
Gun Inventory is an app developed for iOS devices by gun lovers for gun lovers. It is the easiest way to keep track of your firearms in case of loss, theft, or any other situations in which you would need the serial numbers, pictures, or calibers of every firearm you own.

The app is designed to be very easy to use by just filling in information such as Finish, Barrel Length, Make, Model, Serial Number, and any other information you feel necessary in identifying your firearms. After the information is saved, your guns are organized into a easily navigated list that will always be with you.
Why use an app when you can just write it down?
This is a question the developers were asking when creating the app and they think they have found the solution. This app eliminates any situations where you will be without that information such as fires where not only your firearms are destroyed but also your list of guns. If you do want a hard copy of your list, you can email it to yourself with just the push of a button.
What about security?
The app has an optional password protected login screen and is integrated into the remote wiping features that come on all iOS devices.

If you are a gun lover looking for the next big thing to track your firearms, you have found it with Gun Inventory.

NOTE: No affiliate links here. Just passing word along to you iPhone-owning heathens.

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