Name! That! Party!

So three guys were arrested in a prostitution sting last week here in Nashville. One of them was a Metro Councilman.

Check out the stories from local media:
The Tennessean (incidentally, they endorsed Banks in the last election, but try finding that information in any of their stories)

When the story first broke, reporters went out of their way to point out he was a board member of the Governor’s Books from Birth program. No mentions of his employment by Democrat Mayor Karl Dean. That changed over the weekend, but it’s still odd that they make sure you know that one of the other people arrested was “a tea party founder” without giving any clues to the political affiliation of a POLITICIAN.

And just in case you had any doubt about which party he is in, check out this gushing editorial by noted idiot Gail Kerr, who gets bonus points for pointing out in the same article that Newt Gingrich had an affair.

Remember the rule: If a Democrat gets caught doing something bad, well the law is probably wrong or he just made a mistake. If a Republican gets caught doing the same thing, it’s proof the entire party is filled with hypocrites.

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