Owner of Sabre Sets Himself Up For Insanity Plea

That’s the only logical explanation I have for his behavior described in the Tennessean today.  Now that his 4 buddies have turned state’s evidence on him, Guy Savage is now trying to claim that the US legal system has no authority over him.  Not only that, but he’s trying to get the DOJ to pay him $250 million to make up for the lose of his business and the stress that all of this has put him through.  Of course, the Tennessean, being a left wing paper, is equating his antics with the “sovereign citizen” stuff.  I think this guy is just desperately trying to weasel out of going to jail.

I was upset about this when it first broke over a year ago.  I was really hoping to one day to buy a firearm from a company based in the city I live in.  Looks like I’m going to have to save my pennies and settle for the city next to me and get a Barrett.

Oh, it looks like SayUncle beat me on the story.

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