I’ve been told that if you’re into shooting guns, sooner or later, you will have an accidental discharge.  Hopefully, this will cause no damage beyond your pride, but there is a chance that you or your buddy might have an extra hole that’s letting all that red stuff come out.  There’s also the bit where if you ever get into exchanging fire with a bad guy, you might catch one or two shots.  Ok, so what do you do in that case?  Well, obviously call for EMS since they will have a heck of a lot more training than most of us, but they, like all emergency services, tend to be at least a few minutes away.

WizardPC and I intend to learn what to do in those few minutes this Saturday.

The local chapter of the Zombie Squad is hosting a class on dealing with traumatic injuries Saturday afternoon at the local REI store.  Zombie Squad is a bunch of folks that are into disaster preparedness and… well… watching zombie movies.  They also team up with the Red Cross and similar organizations a lot for blood drives, helping folks deal with localized disasters (fires, tornados, etc), and training for emergency situations. While I’ve yet to meet the local folks, I’ve met folks from the founding chapter in St. Louis a few times and they seem like great folks and I plan on joining their ranks.

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  • Bob

    Please post an AAR on the class. I’d be quite interested in the scope of what they cover, and your take on the usefulness of it. And, if it’s done in affiliation with anyone like the red Cross.

  • I’ve been brushing up on my FA knowledge in recent months, as well as building/rebuilding all the Blow-Out kits in my life. I found some great online distributors for some of the harder to find supplies (alcohol wipes yes, but good luck finding any iodine or BZK packs at your average Walgreens), and realized that I know officially just enough to get me in trouble, thinking I know it all. No questions asked, I could have catheters, needles, and IV’s sent to my house by the gross. Instead I got some BZK, some Isreali battle dressings, and one pack of Celox (which I’m not really qualified to use) and have been on the look out for a similar class. Good luck and stay safe!

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