EDC Flashlight review: Fenix PD20

A few weeks ago I had a bleg about everyday carry flashlights. I got some really good suggestions, and I highly recommend heading over to that post and reading the comments. The two top I considered ended up being the Fenix PD20 and the 4Sevens Quark MiniX 123. I ultimately went with the PD20 after […]

Act of Valor

About 90 minutes of war porn followed by ten minutes of you and everyone else in the theater crying (you know within about 3 minutes of the movie starting that it ends with a funeral). Chinooks dropping swiftboats into a river? Check. Dead terrorists? Check. Miniguns shooting live ammunition instead of using special effects? Check.


Ohio School Shooting

If you haven’t already heard, there was a shooting at a high school in a suburb of Cleveland this morning. I’m actually in class with two people from that area this week. They’ve told me that while it is a suburb, it’s far enough out that it’s pretty rural and more of a small town. […]

I lol’d

This is what you get if you try to go to everyone’s favorite new gunblog social media network website:

H/T to Bubblehead Les in comments at SayUncle’s.

CHP class

So, I finally got my lazy rear into a carry class in order to get my permit. Yes, yes, I know, I know. I’m fixing that.

Anyways, I found out about Condition-1 through the local chapter of the Zombie Squad, and that they had a few slots still open for yesterday’s class. Honestly, that’s all […]

Puppy Dog Eyes

She haz dem:

Two Out of Three

I recently got an email from the developer of a new iPhone app asking if I would review it. I can’t really do that with an Android phone, so he offered to send me a press release instead.

Nice guy, one-man shop, and hits two of the three topics I cover? DEAL!

Introducing A New […]

Name! That! Party!

So three guys were arrested in a prostitution sting last week here in Nashville. One of them was a Metro Councilman.

Check out the stories from local media: WSMV WTVF WRKN The Tennessean (incidentally, they endorsed Banks in the last election, but try finding that information in any of their stories)

When the story first […]

TFA Alert on Parking Lot Bill status

I swear one of these days I’ll have enough time to do more than a copy/paste.


Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. Legislative Action Committee


So, one might ask, what is the status of the Employee Safe Commute (SB3002/HB3560) legislation at this point?

The bill has been delayed in the […]

Parking lot bill up for a committee vote today

From the TFA:

The Employee Safe Commute (SB3002) and the 2nd Amendment Nondiscrimination Bill (SB2992) are scheduled for the Senate today

These two bipartisan bills, carried by Senator Faulk in the Senate and Representative Bass in the House, are scheduled for a vote today in the Senate. Employee Safe Commute is to be heard in […]