Two of us post here: me and Oddball. I have neither cats nor a girlfriend.

Lasercats are go!

Looks like the defenses for my bed are installed and ready to go.

I think I now know the real reason why my girlfriend has such difficulty getting up in the morning.

EDC Flashlight bleg

I love the Fenix E21 Flashlight I got for Christmas. LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT.

The only thing i don’t like about it is that the overall length is a bit much for everyday carry. It doesn’t exactly fit in your pocket. I’d like to get something that I can carry around and not notice until I need it. […]

On gun prices and recommendations

When looking for a new gun, it’s fairly common to come across the advice of “you should spend a little more and buy x instead of y.” Especially if you’re a new shooter or looking to pick up something outside of your normal field (you’re a rifle guy looking to get into pistols, etc). Sometimes […]

Misleading headline of the day

1 injured in East Nashville shooting

East Nashville, regular readers may recall, is the “up and coming” and “hip” neighborhood where twenty-something white kids move in next to crack houses and the projects because it’s cool, or something. Crime is rampant, and shootings occur daily. So the hipster businesses ban carry permit holders.

I really […]

I’ve got a brilliant idea

Let’s put a water park next to the water park we built next to the water park we built next to a lake.


A pro-gun article in…Elle Magazine?

It starts off slow and it’s kinda long, but well worth the read. A couple of pull quotes:

On terminology:

For hands-on shooting practice, we separate into three groups: pistols, shotguns, and rifles. On my way to the pistol instruction area, I stop to ask a tall man with an […]

Well that’s neat

A 48 gun safe with ethernet, USB, and power plugs.

I may need that later. FYI, you wouldn’t want to put a computer in there because of the lack of ventilation, but a small NAS would probably be okay.


I was considering going back to Facebook

and then they decided to give Politico access to every user’s private messages and non-public status updates. Yeah, no room for abuse there!

Way to be creepy, Zuck. Thanks for reminding me why I left.

Via Insty

Your Biased Headline of the Day

Man shoots, kills estranged wife’s ex-boyfriend

I was expecting a crazy jealous husband hunting down and killing the man his wife had been sleeping with.

As it turns out, the ex boyfriend was under a restraining order and broke in to the wife’s home. He then attacked the husband, who shot him.

“Man defends himself […]