Deal Alert: Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $99

If I weren’t waiting on the Sprint version, I’d totally jump on this:
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)

It’s new customers only, so if you’ve been waiting for a flagship phone to go on sale, this is it. Dual core 1.2ghz processor, 1080p camera, and a 4.65 inch screen. Totally hot.

1 comment to Deal Alert: Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $99

  • I went with the HTC Rezound. Cheaper than the Nexus and better hardware, I was already with Verizon, and there were some hardware issues when I was looking at the Nexus.

    Overall I’m happy with the Rezound and can’t wait for the ICS update which is coming.

    I was initially holding out for the Nexus but once I got balls deep I couldn’t justify the extra hundred bucks for the Nexus.

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