Paul Helinski of Doubles (Trebles?) Down

In response to me asking how, exactly, I should gain experience if he would bar me from attending, Paul Helinski says:

As I explained, NSSF should have a dual press system, where those with actual readers go to range day and have access to a press room, and others can get into the show. Everything you need is on the show floor, including experts to interview on products, and there is free wifi in the building, and plenty of seats (thanks to NSSF listening to visitors and giving them tons more space).

So, apparently there is no value in going to the media only events. If it offends him so much that bloggers get media credentials, then perhaps he should stop going to the media events. He also refers to media as “we” or “us” so clearly he thinks he’s attending SHOT in a media capacity, not in a vendor capacity.

Exactly the point. You are a wanna be internet media professional. Why don’t you go into and compare to any other gun website, not just blogs. You’ve never heard of us, and we are the industry leader in internet readership, after 15 years of hard work and dedication. Why should I have to wait for you to finish taking a video with your phone at range day?

Ah. Now I see. You want to be more specialer than us icky bloggers. Note he says “internet readership” and he’s been saying all along he’s an internet journalist. If he were complaining as a vendor or buyer, that would be an entirely different kind of stupid.

Since he likes to harp on the fact that the commercial site has high rankings from arbitrary sites like (which, until today, I’d never heard of) and Alexa, let’s see how his internet journalist site–or what the rest of us would call a “blog”
–fares. My arbitrary metric?

Google Reader. Here are the subscriber numbers for this site, which has been open for about 5 months:

Here are the numbers for JayG’s site, open since March of 2007:

And here are the numbers for the GunsAmerica blog, “after 15 years of hard work and dedication”:

So please, tell me why you should be there with a media pass but me and JayG shouldn’t.

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