Tyranny in Hickman County

For fun, a student at Hickman County High School walked around asking students to say “Bitch Ass” in front of a video camera.

This is the video he made (Obviously NSFW due to language):

Now, from the reaction of some of the people in the video, it’s clear that the videographer walked up to people and said “Hey, can you say Bitch Ass for me?” The way some of them respond quizzically makes me think that. Sometime over the winter break, school administrators found the video and suspended everyone in it for three days.

Everyone except the student who created the video.

He was expelled and sent to an alternative school. The same place they send you if you assault a teacher or police officer or get caught with a gun or drugs.

For making a damned video, he gets to spend a year with those lovely folks.

“Unfortunately, a lot of them are learning a hard lesson.”

Yes, Dr. Jerry W. Nash, they are. They are learning that you and your employees are authoritarian pricks with no sense of humor, and no sense of what appropriate punishment ought to be–assuming that this would be something someone should be punished for in the first damned place.

Later: I’d like to welcome all the Hickman County High students who stopped by over the weekend and commented. I was apparently linked on Facebook, but unfortunately the way Facebook refers links I can’t see the actual discussion. If there’s anything I can do to help out, y’all just let me know.

Oh, and if your comments don’t immediately appear it’s because first time commenters are moderated–meaning I get an email asking to approve a comment, and I have to click a link before your comment will appear. As long as you’re not libeling anyone or inciting violence, I’ll approve it.

6 comments to Tyranny in Hickman County

  • I think being called “Bitch Ass” seemed to have struck an appropriate nerve.

  • Pretty sure you can say it on the radio and TV with no issue. Also if they’re going to be athoritarian pricks, at LEAST make most of the boys in the video get a damn haircut!

    That hair would look stupid on a girl, it looks HORRIBLE on these little bitch-asses!

  • makayla

    foreal ur guna make a dumb comment about our boys hair ….smh

  • Autumn

    I was in video and its ridiculous and how they’re all acting. My mom called Jerry Nash to just ask him a few questions and she was being very polite. All he had to say.. well scream at her was, “These kids are a disgrace to Hickman County!” I’m an Honor student as most of the kids in that video are, even my friend who made the video is an honor student and in so many clubs. He is one of the best kids you will ever meet too. He meant no harm while making it, it was simply a joke. Their just taking extreme measures that aren’t appropriate. Oh and btw, I am NOT a disgrace just because I said “bitch ass”. Jerry Nash is acting like he has never cussed before. We’re teenagers, its just what we do.

  • wally

    i went to this highschool for a year im friends with everyone there no one there is a disgrace if anyone there was a disgraace its the principal and the board of education its rediculous they gave 100 kids iss and put one in alternative school im a loyal friend to al of them and this will always be a thing there now “BITCH ASS” ALL DAY BABY!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    I was in the video … I didnt know exactly what was going on .. but honestly I dont regret it .. we’re being teenagers. In Iss on Friday we ACTUALLY got to go to the bathroom a few times! Guess the meeting DID have a positive affect of some kind.. Still in Trouble but we got to pee.

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