Like you and me, only better

If YOU get caught selling counterfeit goods, expect to get raided, your stuff to get confiscated, and spend some time in prison.

If a Detective gets caught selling counterfeit goods, expect them to keep their jobs while authorities decide whether or not to demote them. Jailtime is for those other people.

Please update your scorecards.


Might as well start with a bang!

First off, just want to thank Wizard for letting me play in his sandbox. I’ve been lurking around a number of gun blogs for a couple years now, yadda yadda yadda…

Ok, now that that’s over with, on with the actual post.

Back in January, I picked up a Springfield XDm compact in 9mm for […]

Introducing oddball

Oddball and I go way back. He and I ran in the same circles in high school, and we think we might have run into each other back then. We really started hanging out about 7 years ago when I moved back to Nashville and started getting involved with a local group of geeks.

When […]

Gun Porn

Chocolate 1911 as a Christmas gift from the folks at Lucky Gunner

Yes, they’re tasty!

Goal for 2012 (and some advice requested)

My goal for 2011 was to get a suppressor. That’s still in progress, but I’ll call that a success.

My goal for 2012?

Take as much training as I can. Cool guy gear is nice, but being able to run what you brung is more important IMHO. I had a blast at LuckyGunner’s event last […]

Officer Roid Rage had a hearing

Last Thursday. A decision is due sometime in mid January, according to the article.

I want to pull two very telling things from that article. First:

At the hearing, “information was presented by the police administration, city law department and also from the (Fraternal Order of Police),” Ream said.

That may or may not be […]

12 year old shooting IDPA

Via That Twitter Thingy

I love Amazon Prime

26 hours ago, Uncle posted this.

Just now, UPS delivered this:

I love living in the future.

And now for something completely different

Casey is about 70lbs of muscle and teeth now. She needs exercise and so do I, so we go on two 20 minute walks each day. I had been listening to podcasts on these walks, and one of them mentioned The 4 Hour Work Week. A few days later, mrs wizardpc asked me if I […]

Say what you want about the pantsless lifestyle….

…but the man sure does good work. I no longer have those God awful default headers rotating through. I also have a nifty logo! Always wanted a personal logo. Might drop by The Hacker Consortium in the next couple of weeks to get some time with their laser engraver and vinyl cutter.

I think […]