And now for something completely different

Casey is about 70lbs of muscle and teeth now. She needs exercise and so do I, so we go on two 20 minute walks each day. I had been listening to podcasts on these walks, and one of them mentioned The 4 Hour Work Week. A few days later, mrs wizardpc asked me if I had ever heard of the book. Shortly after that, my sister asked the same thing.

I have this rule where if multiple people in different areas of my life suggest I check something out, I do. So I did.

I got a copy of the audiobook from a friend and have been listening to it for about 10 days. It’s hilarious. The main point of the book is ruthless efficiency and automation to practically eliminate the need for you to go into the office, and the author uses personal anecdotes to describe what he did, how he did it, and why. I don’t know if I’ll be implementing anything that he suggests, but from a pure entertainment value the book is great.

If you notice, the link above is to the paperback instead of the audiobook. The reason for that is the first half of the book is full of stories, but the last half of the book is full of resources and links. It’s kind of annoying to have the narrator read URLs to you for 20 minutes. That’s the only knock on the audio version. I’m buying the paperback just so I can have that list of resources.

Have any of you read it? What did you think? Have you implemented any of the author’s suggestions?

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