What the FedEx?

Last Thursday I ordered 1,000 rounds of 9mm from CheaperThanDirt.com. On Saturday (Nov 12), FedEx delivered…500 rounds of 9mm. The manufacturer packages the ammo in 500 round boxes, so I was supposed to get two boxes instead of one.

Called CTD and they verified they shipped two boxes. Customer Service also gave me the tracking […]

Update your scorecards: Business Edition

Refusing to make a cake for someone because they’re gay: You’re a bigot

Calling on other people to boycott a bakery because of their religious beliefs: Totally okay!

Maybe she should have told them she’s a Muslim. That would make it okay, I think.

A pox on all of them, but be consistent, dammit!

What’s your backup strategy?

Work laptop just had a hard drive failure. Not easily recovered, and the company doesn’t automatically back up workstations.

Lucky for me I started doing backups a couple of months ago. I did a convoluted system that involved rsync, ssh tunnels, and cygwin, and now I’m glad I did.

One more thing on houses

Dr. Thomas Stanley had a post yesterday about the houses that millionaires live in, and his figures may shock you.

It seems that a whole lot more millionaires live in houses that cost less than $300,000 than those who live in homes that cost more than $1 million.

The median home price for the millionaires […]

Update your scorecards: Protest Violence

If the right has a protest movement, the potential for violence must be trumpeted on every evening newscast for weeks.

If the left has a protest movement, the actual violence must be downplayed, dismissed, obfuscated, or blamed on agent provocateurs.

Please update your scorecards.

Great moments in marriage

I was talking with Mrs. wizardpc over the weekend about taking some classes from Tom Givens (warning: auto-playing video w/sound, so mute your speakers) in 2012. Drew has already progressed from ‘never shot a handgun before’ to ‘I want to shoot IDPA’ in less than three months, and the two of us want to take […]

Debt Free Living: Saving for Retirement

First, let’s do a quick review of The Baby Steps:

Save $1000 as a starter emergency fund. Pay off your debts, smallest to largest. Pay minimum payments on everything except the smallest, and absolutely freaking kill the small one. a) Put 3-6 months of expenses away into a Money Market. This is your fully funded […]

And we’re back

Slight problem upgrading the OS caused the blog to go down for a couple of days.

Protip: don’t do that while you’re on the road.

Debt Free Living: Your house isn’t quite the investment you think it is

In Monday’s post I covered the parameters for getting a mortgage. Most people don’t want to save up for a house, because it takes a long, long time. This post is math-heavy, so just be prepared for that.

Let’s say that three years later you decide you need to sell. Because things in the housing […]

Baby Step 3b: Our buying process

Step 1: Determine your maximum price When we started looking for a house we didn’t have much of a down payment. We were still socking away money because we had moved the Debt Snowball payment into the Emergency Fund payment, so switching to the Down Payment Fund was easy. Didn’t feel a thing. Remember the […]