Great moments in marriage

I was talking with Mrs. wizardpc over the weekend about taking some classes from Tom Givens (warning: auto-playing video w/sound, so mute your speakers) in 2012. Drew has already progressed from ‘never shot a handgun before’ to ‘I want to shoot IDPA’ in less than three months, and the two of us want to take Givens’ level 1-5 classes. The Level 1 class satisfies the requirement for a TN Handgun Carry Permit, and the subsequent classes build on that. Since I’ve always wanted Mrs. wizardpc to get her permit, she’s going to go with us to the Level 1 class–as soon as we figure out a date that works for everyone.

I floated this to her a couple of weeks ago, and her reaction was, “What? Why don’t I get to go to the other classes, too?”

That was pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting, since she has no desire to actually carry. Totally awesome, though.

Anyway, this weekend we were talking about it some more, and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: I was looking at Rangemaster’s site and they will provide a handgun and ammo for the level 1 class.
Her: What about after that?
Me: Well, after that you have to supply your own gun, ammo, and related gear like magazines and a holster.
Her: Well, I guess we just need to get all that stuff for me, then.
Me, dumbfounded: Errr, okay! Sure!
Her: And you know the rule about buying guns: The other spouse gets an equivalent amount to spend on jewelry. Or, in your case, guns.

I love this woman. 😀

I’m thinking a single stack compact 9mm for her, since I’d prefer not to have to keep another caliber in stock. Naturally, she is going to pick it, but I’d like some thoughts on what she might want.

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  • Enjay

    It’s not a single stack but I’m very fond of my XD9 SC. Otherwise I’ve been hearing good things about the Kimber Solo.

  • GD

    I am very partial to Walther/S&W. Good workmanship and great customer service if there ever is an issue. In the single stack/compact 9 area, I would look at the Walther PPS (police pistol slim). I wouldn’t call it “compact”, but it is VERY slim, good for concealment, and the ergonomics match all other Walther guns (P22, P99, etc.)

  • oddball

    So…. does this mean another range day where I bring all my pistols for her to get hands on experience with?

  • Pyrotek85

    I love my Glock 19, good size/capacity ratio. I’m a guy though, so it’s probably easier for me to conceal.

    I don’t have first hand experience with them, but I’ve heard the Kahr 9mm is a great option if you want a single stack.

  • Heather

    Here’s a small woman’s opinion! I love my Smith and Wesson M&P. I have a full-size and a compact. Haven’t had much trouble concealing the compact, but I am planning on getting a little mousegun since we’re living in hotter weather now. Ergonomics on the M&P are great, IMO. Much better than glocks.

    Took a few classes down here. Got some looks and comments from the guys around when I pulled out my M&P in my tiny hands, but I drilled the next sixteen shots through the same 1 inch square and the comments stopped.

  • I just got a Springfield XDM 9mm for carry. It’s a little big for concealment, but a good holster helps, and I’ve been enjoying it. I also really enjoy shooting my husbands Makarov 9×18 mm, which was very easy for me to control.

  • Axess Denyd

    Yes, we walked in to the shop to buy her a subcompact 9mm, then walked out with a full sized XDm. But that’s OK, because we went right back in and bought me a 1911 too.

  • wizardpc

    Concealment is less of an issue for her since she’s not likely to carry. I threw the “compact” out there since she’s got small hands.

    She can shoot my Glock 23 but it’s a bit to big for her to shoot it comfortably all day. I imagine any Glock would be the same.

    Anyone got thoughts on a Bersa Thunder 9?

    • oddball

      Well, you know my love for my Bersa .380, and the 9mm is on my list once I get my income situation sorted out. The main reason I’ve been shying away from it is that it has a frame mounted safety that’s backwards to all my other pistols except the 1911. Ever so often I think I probably should have told you to go with the Bersa instead of the Walther that you ended up hating a few years ago.

  • I had two thoughts for her. 1.) See if she will try out Drew’s Kahr. Great gun, hard to defeat it. 2.) Beretta 92 Compact Type M. It’s a 92FS Compact with a single stack mag (type M). These are a little hard to come by since they’ve been discontinued BUT I can probably find one and as my gift to you guys for her getting her permit, I will give her any extended work (besides basic upkeep) that would be required such as spring replacement or anything else that comes up with extended use.

    If you two decide to go down to the .380 I would suggest the Beretta 86. It’s like the Beretta 85 with a tip up barrel.

    Best of luck and enjoy.

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Wizardpc! That rocks. She may surprise you and like a big gun even though she’s little.
    *says the 5’4″ girl that carries a gun the size of a toaster.

  • Markshere2

    The rules for winning a gunfight:

    1. have a gun ( the gun must be small enough to be carried / concealed conveniently)
    2. have a gun that goes bang every time.
    3. have an accurate gun ( she has to be able to hit the target with her gun)
    4. have enough gun ( caliber / number of rounds)

    With the advent of flash mobs and rise in gang / OWS activity, my urban carry rig is a Glock. (.40 and 15 +1 rounds).
    You will need to do the trial and error involved “work” in selecting the “right” gun to satisfy her and you with respect to 1-4 above…

    Sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

  • You know I am happy with my Walther PPS, but, looking back, and even for the wife, I would probably recommend a double-stack 9 over that.

  • They’re discontinued, but a good bet (and not too hard to find) is a S&W 3913 (either the LS “Ladysmith” or the NL “Non-Ladysmith”)… gorgeous little guns and super-reliable.

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