Stop ignoring the Java Update

You know that little box that pops up, like, every day that says “There is an update for Java available?”

You need to go ahead and update that.

Like, right now.

There is a serious vulnerability that doesn’t care if you’re a Mac, PC, Linux, or UNIX user. The vulnerability being out there is […]

Not My Problem

Pizza delivery guy gets robbed by two guys. When it’s over, he floors it to get away from them. In his haste to get away, he runs a stop sign on a college campus.

Campus PD pulls him over and he tells them he’s just been robbed. What does Campus PD do?

They take 15 […]

Well crap

My 5 year old SIM card just died, and the AT&T stores closed like an hour ago.

So me and my grandfathered unlimited data plan are going to try to get a new one tomorrow.

Make a soldier’s day brighter

And get a chance to win stuff!

I love those patches, by the way.

Suppressor update

Just called the NFA branch for the first time and talked to a nice lady that said my paperwork went into “Pending” status on November 16th.

She also said that the expected delay is 5-6 months.

So I might be able to pick it up in May of 2012. For those of you keeping track, […]

Debt Free Living: Kids’ College

Note: If you don’t have kids, or they are grown and gone, you skip this step.

Everyone agrees that you should save for your kids’ college. Problem is, of course, that hardly anyone actually does it.

At my college, we called the kids whose parents had actually saved for college those rich kids. I want […]

New Shooter Update

Remember Drew?

Three months later he’s shot over 1500 rounds (so much so that he broke his Kahr!). Since his Kahr is in the shop, he bought an M&P9 Pro so he’ll have something good for IDPA/IPSC/Whatever. He’s totally digging the 17 round magazines and can do 250 round sessions without thinking about it. He’s […]

Wait, what?

You can’t carry at Toys R Us, but you can buy a Gen 2 night vision rifle scope?


My second case of 9mm has arrived, according to FedEx.

Debt Free Living: Recommended Reading

It’s Turkey Week!

I know a lot of you will be hanging out with family and exchanging wish lists for Christmas, so here are some books I recommend from the personal finance side of things:

If you invite me to your wedding, you get this book and something from your registry. The Total Money Makeover: […]