Alternate title: Two is one, one is none.

Not a good weekend to be my equipment.

On Friday, one of the kydex belt loops for my Raven Concealment holster snapped while I was getting into my wife’s car. I’ve had that holster for three or four years, so I wasn’t really surprised.  Back in July I ordered some IWB clips to replace the OWB loops. I hadn’t received them yet (nor had my debit card been charged),  but that hadn’t set off any alarm bells since Raven is pretty famous for multi month backlogs.
Long story short, they switched systems and lost my debit card info. They emailed me about it, but it went to my spam folder. I’ve now ordered again, including replacement OWB loops. Expected wait time is 2 weeks.

Related to the holster failure was my Insight M6 getting jacked up. See, I carry my Glock with a light and laser. That’s why I got a Raven holster in the first place: at the time they were the only people who offered a holster for my particular combination. I went to my backup configuration, which consists of a Serpa* for the Glock and a Fobus holster for the light. The Fobus is basically a paddle with a rail on it.

What I didn’t realize is that it is directional. You’re supposed to carry it lense up, because there’s a block that keeps the switch from engaging if you do it like that. Yeah, so apparently the light was on for about 45 minutes straight while I was in the car.

Right now the laser-only option works, but anything involving the lamp doesn’t. I’m hoping it’s just that the batteries have enough juice for the laser but not the light, and not that I killed the lamp.

*Yes, I know about the safety concerns, but it’s all I have for a backup holster.

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  • So THAT is why my Raven Concealment holster was delayed a couple of weeks ;). Glad to see your down time on your primary gear will be limited. Unless you had a bad lamp you should be good, but your batteries are trashed for sure.

    Disavowed With Honor

  • I, too, have a Glock and a Serpa holster.
    If you are using the PAD of your finger like you are supposed to, even if your finger slips to the trigger the pad of the finger is against the side of the trigger, not inside the trigger guard. It’s only when you use your finger TIP to disengage the lock that you have trouble. And besides, why are you lifting the gun out of the holster with your trigger finger? You have three other fingers around the grip to do that, right?
    IMO, the Serpa is being unfairly blamed for poor handling techniques.
    With that being said, my problem with my Serpa holster was that it slowed my draw time considerably, which is why I ditched it in favor of a Galco paddle holster when I carry openly.
    (Here by way of An NC Gun Blog)

    • wizardpc

      My parts came in Saturday, so I’m back to the RCS holster.

      I also noticed it was difficult for me to make my finger go into the trigger guard rather than stay indexed on the frame when drawing my Glock from the Serpa. I did lots and lots of draws before heading out with it, just to be sure, and I NEVER ONCE had the problem people describe.

      Still prefer my RCS though.

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