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My father died in his sleep a little over two years ago. Two days before that he and my mother purchased a new home. After a couple of months my mother decided to move in to the new, smaller house and try to sell the old one. A couple of months after that, she rented it out.

Mom started driving dad’s Trailblazer shortly after he passed. He was a smoker so she had the interior professionally cleaned. A few weeks later, she had a dream about him and the next morning she found a pack of cigarettes on the driver’s floorboard. Weird.

I was talking with her last night, and she told me that her renters think dad “is still in the house. He mostly walks from the bedroom [where he died] to the back deck [where he smoked].”

I’m not the kind of person that believes in ghosts, but once is happenstance…

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  • On such subjects I say “The universe is a very big and sometimes very strange place; and I’m not fond of the word ‘impossible’.”

  • There are many ways our lost loved ones teach us and remind us of lessons we should carry with us. Accept the way in which it has been delivered and focus on the lesson.

  • My Boss is a scientist who moonlights as a Ghost Hunter. I must say I’m still a skeptic, but she’s shown me stuff that really did creep me out.

    Her personal belief is that people living their life here, when somebody does a very repetitive task or behavior it leaves an energy imprint on the world. Most of the “Ghost Behavior” observed is thing that the “Ghost” would have done frequently in life.

    Not saying it is or it isn’t (I’m still a skeptic) and I’m certainly not saying its a “Ghost” or a “Soul” if these are human artifacts, but I would say those observations are consistent with her and many other scientific Ghost Hunters observation.

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