Top: Rock River AR-15

Bottom: M&P15-22

The thing about an AR trainer is that it needs to be as close as possible to your “real” rifle as possible. I just¬†got the M&P15-22, but I’m already starting to duplicate the functionality. When I was taking care of my Form 4 stuff, I picked up two Magpul AFG2s. You’ll notice that the Rock River has carbine length gas system, while the M&P15-22 has mid-length handguards. I put the AFG as far forward on the RRA as I could and then matched up the M&P.

The BUIS on the Rock River is a Troy flip up front sight and a Magpul MBUS rear sight. The M&P just has iron sights for now, so that will work until I figure out what I want to do about a red dot. I doubt I’ll add an EOTech to a .22, but who knows. I might decide to upgrade the EOTech 512 to an EOTech 557.AR223.

Need moar gunskool first.

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