Baby Step 3: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Note before we begin: By the time you get here, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea for what works and what doesn’t in your household. This post is to provide guidance, not gospel.

“When you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just a storm.”

We’ve all heard that one, and […]


Alternate title: Two is one, one is none.

Not a good weekend to be my equipment.

On Friday, one of the kydex belt loops for my Raven Concealment holster snapped while I was getting into my wife’s car. I’ve had that holster for three or four years, so I wasn’t really surprised. Back […]


Just got a call from my FFL.

See, when I bought my suppressor back in July, I gave them the money for the tax stamp.

Apparently, they forgot to send the money to the ATF.

Perhaps I will handle that myself next time.

Counter gets reset. Dammit.

Finding 100% gasoline

As you know, my wife and I drive older cars. About a year ago, I had to have several hundred dollars of work done on mine to fix a seriously bad misfire problem. Rough idle is one thing, running rough at 70mph is an entirely different matter.

As it turned out, the ethanol blends I’d […]

Debt Free Living: But I Pay Mine Off Every Month! Edition

One common excuse reason people give for keeping a credit card is that they pay it off every month, so it’s okay for them to keep it.

I have never understood this logic. If you have the money to make all the purchases, why not just use the money instead of the credit?

I covered […]

Cue Creepy Music

My father died in his sleep a little over two years ago. Two days before that he and my mother purchased a new home. After a couple of months my mother decided to move in to the new, smaller house and try to sell the old one. A couple of months after that, she rented […]

Well that’s interesting

I just deactivated my Facebook account.

I had to enter my password twice and pass a CAPTCHA.

You know, if I had to go through that hassle to activate all the new “features” (like the super-creepy timeline) they keep introducing, I probably would have kept my account.

Oh, and they said pdb would miss me […]

Not sure if serious

At New Shooter day, there were a couple of gentlemen at the range with matching BDU (or is it ACU? I can’t keep up) pants and UnderArmor wicking shirts. Under their station I spied some high-dollar MOLLE gear and noticed a unit patch I’d not seen before.

Towards the end of our time there, a […]

Debt Free Living: But I travel for my job! Edition

One common point of resistance to getting rid of credit cards is the old “I need one to travel for my job.”

Well, that’s a load of crap. It can be done, and I have been doing it for years.

The best way to go about this is to have a company card that you […]


Top: Rock River AR-15

Bottom: M&P15-22

The thing about an AR trainer is that it needs to be as close as possible to your “real” rifle as possible. I just got the M&P15-22, but I’m already starting to duplicate the functionality. When I was taking care of my Form 4 stuff, I picked up […]