Gun Porn


I picked it up last week. It’s going to be great at New Shooter Range Day.

SSL Encryption Broken

Ruh Roh!

Do note, however, that it seems to take a half hour to decrypt the PayPal cookie in their demonstration. That’s probably more than enough time for you to have completed your transaction and logged out. The article doesn’t specify, but it seems this is only an attack to be able to see what […]

Weekend Project

About once a year, my friend Oddball and I like to do a “New Shooter Day” at one of the local ranges. The last time we went, though, the target stands for the pistol berm were….missing. The time before they were pretty well destroyed to the point of uselessness.

When I was at the LuckyGunner […]

Thinking of getting a new Android device?

Wait. Just a little bit. That’s the advice I recently gave my brother-in-law and his wife. Both of them are rocking OG Droids and are looking to upgrade. They said that one of them could upgrade today, and the other could upgrade in January.

All indications are that the next version of Android–called Ice Cream […]

To the lady in the silver Civic

I noticed your condescending “Global Warming…It’s Real” and “Don’t be a denier!” stickers.

I also noticed that you were not carpooling, or riding the bus, or riding a bicycle, or walking to work. Or even driving a hybrid.

Just wanted to point that out. Like the man says, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the […]

The $1000 Emergency Fund

Last week I gave a quick overview of the Baby Steps. Before you start, you have to be current with everyone. Since I didn’t have that particular problem (I got really, really close, though) I can’t give you any advice there.

I can talk about the subsequent steps.

Baby Step 1 is your starter emergency […]

Overheard at my house

While watching Smallville…

Me: Wow. They must really hate Jeep Cherokees on this show. That’s like the fourth one they’ve destroyed.

Wife: It’s probably because they’re really cheap.


Dianne Feinstein is in trouble in the polls.

Please let Senator “Turn them all in” end her career in a crushing electoral defeat. That would make my year.

Via Insty.

Casey as a meme

More here.

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Get your free copy here.