Revue Review

A few weeks ago I bought a Logitech Revue when the price dropped from $299 to $99.

Here are my thoughts on it after two weeks:


We don’t really watch a lot of live television, so a box that is most useful when you’re watching live TV doesn’t have a lot of value to us. I have used XBMC as my home media player since it’s inception back in 2003-ish. Originally I used original XBOX’s, but now I have a quad-core desktop running the package in the living room.

XBMC basically does everything the Revue does except allow me to watch live TV. Most things are done better with XBMC, like the Youtube link that really just opens the web page in Chrome.

At $99 I’m not upset at the purchase. Eventually it’ll end up replacing the aging XBOX in the bedroom. At $299 I would’ve been upset.

At the $99 price point it’s really competing with something like a Roku. At $299, it’s competing with HTPCs like this one.

As of this post, Google TV still doesn’t have the Android Market nor any easy way to install third party apps. I think when that happens (supposedly with the update to Honeycomb, which was supposed to happen in August of 2011. It’s now September) the device will be a lot more valuable. Until then, I’ll stick with my XBMC.

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