RSS Feed for Amazon’s Free App of the Day

As you know, I have an Android Phone, and I love it. Amazon has their own App Store, and every day they offer a paid app for free.

The problem is, you need to open the Amazon App Store every day to find out what the free app is. This is not something I am likely to do, so I started to wonder if there was an RSS feed for the free apps. Google Reader is something I open every day.

Nightwalker over at had the same problem, so he created his own RSS feed for the free apps.

4 comments to RSS Feed for Amazon’s Free App of the Day

  • Steve in TN (@sdo1)

    Sine you’re an Android fan, can you tell me of an Android phone *without* a touch screen and *with* a qwerty keyboard interface like what I have on my BB Bold? Also needs to NOT be over sized and on a common carrier with unlimited data, like Sprint.

    I’ve been looking to switch since February but haven’t found decent Android phones with anything other than touch screens.

    • wizardpc

      They don’t make non-touchscreen Android devices that aren’t google TVs. You might want to look at the Evo Shift 4g on sprint. It has a slide out physical keyboard and a pointer device in addition to the touchscreen.

      • Steve in TN (@sdo1)

        Thanks, I’ll go check that out. It sounds a bit like the PocketPC Cingular I had several years back which is where I learned to despise touch screens.

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