Yeah, that’s fair

When officers repeatedly electrocute suspects until the suspects die, it’s not the officers’ fault: It’s “Excited Delirium”

If a suspect struggles with an officer and then later that officer has a fatal reaction to painkillers prescribed by a licensed physician, compounded by emphysema and obesity, it’s “reckless homicide”

Because, you know, the suspect should have […]

To quote Goldfinger

Once is happenstance.

Twice is coincidence.

There better goddamned well not be a third time. Like I said in the comments to the first post above, there is no brighter line than suspension of elections.

My very first blogson

Long time real-life friend disavowedwithhonor went and got himself a blog!

Go check it out!

Careful, someone might shoot you with your own gun

Especially if you are a convicted sex offender who kidnaps an 18 year old girl and drives her to Mississippi to rape her:

Cronk was in Aberdeen following an alleged kidnapping that began last Wednesday at the Kangaroo Express gas station on Lebanon Road.

Police said Cronk revealed a handgun and forced the teenage victim […]

The Debt Snowball

Last week I covered Baby Step 1: The $1000 Emergency Fund. That step can usually be completed in a month or so, depending on your situation. From there, you move on to what really is the core of “the plan”–The Debt Snowball.

In the debt snowball, you take all of your debts and list them […]


When restaurant carry was passed in Tennessee, The Beale Street Merchants Association banned guns from Beale Street:

Later this month, Beale Street will break out the hand-held metal detectors at the entrance points and use other security measures to keep guns out of the three-block area day and night.

And the fruit of that labor? […]

A tale of two executions

Two men were executed on the same night earlier this week. One was in Texas, the other was in Georgia.

Both men did not know their victims. Both men admit to being involved in the initial altercation that ultimately led to death of the victim. Both men claim to not have been the person to […]

I miss the good old days

When interest rates for my money market account (AKA The Emergency Fund) were north of 6%. The bank just notified me that rates are down to 0.87% now, which is still better than the rate for regular savings accounts (0.25%)


Last night my Nexus One fell out of my pocket and onto the cement. It fell in such a way that the protective neoprene sleeve came off the phone and it slide about two feet across the concrete face down. The impact cracked the glass in the top left corner, but the screen is okay. […]

I’ll take “Things that sound like a terrible idea for $200, Alex”

Google Wallet

Let’s set aside the fact that the only way to get this is with a Citibank Mastercard credit card or Google Prepaid card, and that it only works with one phone on one carrier (Sprint Nexus S 4G).

Does anyone think this is a good idea? Right now there is a group […]