Apple announces end of Apple

Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO. He will stay on as an employee, but I don’t imagine that will last very long.

The last time he left, Apple nearly went under. It was saved when he came back. Given the health issues he’s had, I doubt that will happen this time.

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It was bound to happen

In every state where Restaurant Carry has been proposed, opponents have screamed this would happen:

Patron arrested after putting gun to waiter’s head

The argument is that even though it is illegal to drink while carrying, waiters would be forced at gunpoint to serve alcohol to permit holders. Well, it looks like it only took […]

The solution is obvious

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman says we need an alien invasion to get us out of this economic slump.

NASA Scientists say aliens might invade because of emissions.

So clearly we need to remove these stupid emissions regulations in order to save the economy. Who am I to argue with these guys?

The folly of “Posted Properties”

In a lot of states, there is a provision in the concealed carry law that allows property owners to prohibit legal concealed carry on premises. The gunny term for this is a Posted Property. Sometimes we just say “that place is posted.”

Here in Tennessee, TCA 39-17-1359 is what governs us.

It’s a bit chatty, […]

There I fixed it.

Problem: Casey, our 9 month old Belgian Malinois puppy figured out the trash can contains tasty morsels.


Mental note

When buying a new gun, take note of the slide mounted safety. When the firing pin mysteriously stops making contact with the primer, check to make sure an overzealous RSO didn’t engage the safety while you were putting up a fresh target.

I haven’t owned a pistol with a manual safety in a little […]

Weekend Discussion

Thoughts or suggestions for a replacement for bittorrent RSS feed site ?

Friday Funny

Housekeeping stuff

My server doesn’t seem to want to keep time. It was off by about 20 minutes yesterday when I manually synced with This morning it was off by 5 hours. Meh.

I’ve added a Resources page and a Contact page. The Resources page will contain stuff I use to research, and so far I’ve […]

New Shooter!

Coming late February 2012: lilwizard!

I’m hoping for 2/23 since that’ll be a pretty easy date to remember. 3/08 would be too cruel to my wife 😀

I got to hear the heartbeat this morning. Fricken cool.