There is no “S” in HMMWV

It’s High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, not High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Submersible Vehicle

4 comments to There is no “S” in HMMWV

  • Worst part is, if that’s the same transmission as the normal HMMWV the maintenance techs are going to hate them. If you shut off the engine or loose power while the tranny is submerged, it looses pressure and outside materials can get in the tranny.

    One of my buddies got royally pissed when one of his guys got stuck, turned off the engine, got it unstuck and 5 miles down the road it seized up from the water and sediment getting in. It’s designed to deal with air pressure while off, not water pressure.

    Our tax dollars at work. WTF were they trying to do anyway.

  • Those aren’t HMMWVs. I think that they are FMTVs. The principle remains the same. The max fording depth of an FMTV with a deep water kit is 60″, or 5 feet (per ). The air intake is right behind the driver. I think you can see the air scoop at the 23 second mark. It’s black.

  • I know what you guys are saying….but it looks cool till they got stuck.

    I wonder how far a Prius or a Volt would have gone….

  • Ted N

    They’re LMTV’s or FMTV’s. The Good Idea Fairy stikes again.

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