5.11 Kilts are Back

Apparently 5.11 has decided to bring back their tactical kilts and make a new video for April fools this year.  As of today, they’re taking orders for them.  Same as last year, they’re asking $70 for them with $10 going going to charity.  The charities this year being FBINAA and We Salute You Veterans.  My guess is that they’ve decided that they wouldn’t be able to out do coming out with the kilt 2 years ago, and, hell, people have actually been buying these things.

I compared the ones that I got from the original run to my Utilikilts here.  Considering the massive price difference, I’d say the 5.11 kilts are a pretty damn good deal.  Most of the other utility kilts that I’ve seen that are near the price point the 5.11 is at are not nearly as good.

About that mystery helicopter in the Bundy Cattle Confiscation…

David Codrea had an article in The Examiner over the weekend about the FAA issuing what’s called a TFR for the Gold Butte area. A TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) is basically a domestic no fly zone, and are usually limited to things like disaster zones, Presidential/Vice Presidential visits, and rocketry. I don’t know of another law enforcement action that needed a TFR but I could be wrong.

In his article, he mentions this picture from the Las Vegas Review Journal (no link because copyright trolls), and how that tail number is not in the FAA Registry.

He’s right. You can look it up yourself if you’d like. There is no aircraft registered as N806IJ.

Now, there’s this other thing that the FAA allows you to do. You can download the entire FAA Registration Database as a zip file of CSVs. It takes a little bit of translation, but what if you open that guy up you can see that there are about 1500 Robinson R44s registered.

My coblogger oddball said “That 8 is obviously a painted 2″ so I narrowed down to R44s that started with a 2, and guess what I found?

N206TJ, registered to Rugged Country Helicopters, LLC, based in Cedar City, UT.

Cedar City, UT, is about 150 miles from the Bundy Ranch. The range of an R44 is 350 miles without refueling.

So, there’s that.

They don’t have a web presence that I can find, but I’m sure someone with more time could call them and ask them if that’s their bird.

New Jeep!

Ever since I sold my last one, I’ve regretted it. I’ve owned two cherokees (a 93 police package and a 99) and loved them both dearly. They both developed electrical problems and due to time, money, and storage limits they had to go.

For about 6 months I’ve been looking for another one. Jeep stopped making the Cherokee in 2001, so what’s out there generally has about 180,000 to 230,000 miles. I’ve been looking for another 99 due get the best mix of parts interchangeability and reliability, and about three weeks ago decided that if I really wanted an NP242 transfer case, I was just going to have to buy one with the NP231 and swap a 242 in.

That made it really easy to find one in the price range I was looking at:

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Here they come again…

So… Apparently while I was busy rooting for the new knife law, one of our state senators decided to introduce a bill that would allow open carry in my state without having a permit, and that bill has passed the State Senate.  Of course, apparently the house has stuck it in the finance committee to die, but one can dream.

Unfortunately, this has caused all the idiots to come out of the wood work to scream that open carry will get you killed/mugged/shot first/whatever.  First off, I think I’ve made a rather good argument for open carry in the past.  Also, I don’t know the exact figures, but a lot of folks open carry every day.  Given the attitude of the average mainstream media newscaster, if they got shot with their own gun, I would bet that they would be reporting these incidents all over the place.  A quick google search brings up one acccount… and that’s it.  Oddly enough, the next hit on the search was a concealed carry guy being mugged and having his gun taken away from him.  Granted, the US is actually a fairly safe place to live, but the lack of reported incidents makes me think that this just doesn’t happen.

Of course, the biggest issue I take with the concealed carry only crowd is that it really sounds to me that they would be just as happy if open carry was straight up illegal.  At the very least, it’s something they think no one should do… ever.  This attitude equates to, in my mind, “yes, it’s ok/legal/your right to do this thing, as long as no one catches you.”  Nope.  Sorry.  If it’s not ok if I get caught doing something, that means that something is not ok.  In my mind, the folks that say that you can carry as long as no one catches you (that’s pretty much what concealed carry only means, right?) are almost as bad as the people that say you shouldn’t be able to carry in the first place.

*Just to be clear, if you choose to only conceal carry for whatever reason, that’s your choice.  Just don’t make that choice for the rest of us.

Gun Porn: M99s!

After the ARFCOM shoot last month, I’ve almost got myself convinced that I should buy one of these:



And that wasn’t the only one there:





Before and after shots. Note the flap at the front of shooting mat, and the amount of grass on the shooters in the two pics.



BTW, when I shot it, I ended up with a mouth full of kicked up grass. And a huge smile.

Go check out this thread at ARFCOM for more, including what .50 will do to 1.25″ steel plates.

A couple of videos below the fold..
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Well, that was short lived

Step 1: Read this.

Step 2: Buy this:

Step 3: 15 minutes after opening the box (click to embiggen)…

smya x1 in a tree

Yeah, I probably had two minutes of flight before getting it stuck in the tree. The first time. Happened two more times after that before the battery died. Luckily I was smart enough to not get enough altitude that retrieving it would require more than a stick.

Tactical Dog Approved (TM)

Annnnnd it’s been signed!

Looks like the bill that legalizes buying/owning/possessing switchblades and carrying knives over 4″ has been signed and is now law.  Well, not immediately.  The law will take effect July 1st.

Looks like I’ve got a few months to figure out what auto knife I’m going to be buying.

Long overdue ARFCOM HTF shoot AAR

On 3/22/14, James (he of Bidet Shoot Fame) and I went to the AR-15.com Tennessee Hometown Forum Spring Shoot put on by Precision Multigun in Cookeville, TN.

It was fantastic, problems with my new Remington 700 notwithstanding.

There are actually several ranges on the property. The first one we went to had a 230 yard position and an 1100-ish yard position. We didn’t stick around long enough to go out to 1100 yards there, but here are some pics from the 230:













Next we were off to “Massa” which was more geared towards precision. The “warm up” target was I believe an 8″ plate at 344 yards. There were several dozen steel targets at various ranges out to (and past?) 900. Most of them could not be seen with the naked eye.



James and I got brave enough out to one of the 650′s. I think we took a couple of 700 yard shots but weren’t connecting.





Fun times. There was a lot of serious gear out there. I look forward to the next one.

Yep… that’s all that’s needed…

Most of the camping hammock equipment I own is made by ENO.  One thing I like about them is the warning label they put on their products.  The full warning reads as follows:

“Using any hammock carries an inherent risk.  ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, USE WITH CAUTION.” (emphasis theirs)

Yup… I think that covers it.

Well… it’s official!

Looks like I’m going to be going the the NRA convention.  I guess the big question is to pack the kilts or not.